Sleep Centerr designed as part of the master’s studio opened in Tallinn Children’s Hospital

In January 2023, the first sleep center of its kind in Estonia was opened in Tallinn Children’s Hospital, which was designed by Ardo Hiiuväin, a graduate of the Department of Interior Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Art. Sleep medicine is becoming a separate medical specialty all over the world, the promotion of which is promoted by specialists in Estonia who belong to the Estonian Society of Sleep Medicine. The sleep research centre was completed entirely with the support of the donors of the Tallinn Children’s Hospital Support Fund.

Children’s sleep disorders are studied at Tallinn Children’s Hospital, but the rooms where sleep studies are conducted are outdated and no longer meet the needs of the children, their attendants, or the hospital staff. At the invitation of the children’s hospital and the hospital’s support fund, the master’s students in interior architecture had an excellent opportunity to take apart the sleep architecture into parts, conceptualise a space that supports sleep research, and propose solutions for how to create a new sleep cabinet so that help can be provided as smoothly as possible.

Ardo Hiiuväin’s work, on the basis of which the interior design of the rooms was completed, turned out to be the best of the designs completed within the EKA master’s program. “As an author, you always find places in your work that could have been done differently, but I am satisfied with the overall impression. But this is secondary, I consider the user’s opinion and satisfaction more important, since the goal of the project was to create “their own space” for children and a better working environment for employees. I believe that we all managed it together,” Hiiuväin described his own experience in developing the room solution for the sleep center.

In the course of the sleep center construction project, soundproof rooms were built in the children’s hospital, which enable specific medical examinations to be carried out, but at the same time are cozy and comfortable, so that the child who spends the night sleeping in these rooms feels good and safe.

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Posted by Gregor Taul