“SNUD. Protocols II. The Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture Guest Speaker Series 2013–2015”

Part 2 of the “Protocols” series gathers interviews with guest lecturers who appeared in the open lecture series of the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2013-2015, most of which have also been published (often in abbreviated form) in the Estonian media. As part of the lecture series, several world-famous architects, theorists, critics and urban planners have given lectures in Tallinn to introduce fresh perspectives on architecture, design, urban construction and critical thought.

This is the second compilation of interviews with guest speakers at the Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture Open Lecture Series. In line with the first edition, these ‘protocols’ are intended to reveal the operational tools, urgency, agency, risks, emergent and collaborative ways of thinking, research and design practices, that particular architects and urbanists from different parts of the world have developed and implemented in their work.

Edited by Veronika Valk-Siska
Translated by Veronika Valk-Siska, Kerli Linnat
Designed by Katri Karing
Proofreading: Justin Ions

160 pages, in English
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Estonian Academy of Arts, 2018

ISBN 978-9949-594-60-3

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Posted by Neeme Lopp