T4 – Tallinn Timber Tower Terminal. Studio Project, 2019/2020

Studio project album T4 - Tallinn Timber Tower Terminal

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„T4 – Tallinn Timber Tower Terminal“

Building Parts spring semester 2020 investigated the potential of sustainable architectural design using modular building methods.

The projects seek to answer the following questions:

How can a building with minimum carbon footprint host an urban node of transportation, pedestrian movement and flexible interior spaces? How to use spatial modulation to bring back human scale to large structures and provide intimate space? How to use transparency, literal and phenomenal, to guide people through a complex building program? What is the difference between public, semi-public and private gathering places, circulation of varying speeds and intensities and the effect of energy and the environment on those spaces?

Tutors: Siim Tuksam, Sille Pihlak (arhitektuuripraksis PART); engineering consultant Adam Orlinski (Bollinger+Grohmann).

Editor: Tristan Krevald


ISBN 978-9949-594-97-9 (trükis)

ISBN 978-9949-594-98-6 (pdf)

ISSN 2461-2359

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