The Nominees for the Young Sculptor Award Exhibition 2023 Announced

Zody Burke's work "Gang Aft Agley". Zoby was a winner of the 2nd place of the Young Sculptor Award 2022

The nominees for the Young Sculptor Award Exhibition run by the Installation and Sculpture Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts have been announced.

Assistant professor Taavi Talve, head of the chair of installation and sculpture, announces that the participants of the Young Sculptor Award Exhibition (NSPN) taking place on March 1 in the ARS Showroom are Josefine Green, Sophia Hallmann, Mara Kirchberg, Lisethe Maas, Rose Magee, Eke Ao Nettan, Sarah Noonan, Paula Oberndorfer , Didi van der Putte, Kertu-Liisa Sarap, Asmus Soodla, Sonja Sutt, Kail Timusk and Mattias Veller.

The purpose of the Young Sculptor Award and the accompanying exhibition, which has been awarded since 2012, is to highlight and recognize the professional activities of young artists working in sculpture and installation. On display is a selection of works completed by EKA students over the past year, from which a jury consisting of experts selects the best. The winners will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on March 1. According to Taavi Talve, a total of 25 works were received for this year’s Young Sculptor Prize competition, from which the jury selected 14 artists for the exhibition. “At the award exhibition, you can see a wide range of different artistic practices, from interventions in the exhibition space that are almost imperceptible at first glance to works that invite the viewer to actively interact with themselves. It must be recognized that making a choice from among works of a steadily increasing level is no longer an easy task, and it remains to be hoped that all the remaining projects will also find their way to the viewer in one way or another,” added the organizer of the award exhibition.

Despite the fact that the prize is awarded by EKA sculptors, young artists of any background can apply for the prize. The submitted work must be spatial-installational. The 2022 winner, EKA Master of Contemporary Art Junny Yeung, was also recognized with the EKA Young Artist Master’s Award in 2022. The NSPN 2021 laureate Sarah Nõmm received an important recognition in the form of the 2022 Eduard Wiiralt scholarship. Today, NSPN has become one of the most famous Estonian new art awards. Attention and victory at the exhibition have become a springboard directly to the epicentre of Estonian art.

Hanna Piksarv, Sten Saarits, Anna Mari Liivrand, Johannes Valdma, Rosa Violetta Grötsch, Johannes Luik, Siim Elmers and Sarah Nõmm have previously received the Young Sculptor Award.

Loora Kaubi
Johannes Luik
Junny Yeung_2
Junny Yeung
Works of previous Young Sculptor Award winners: Loora Kaubi, Johannes Luik, Junny Yeung
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Posted by Andres Lõo