“The Perennial Gale” at EKA Gallery 01.12.–10.12.2017

On 1 December EKA Gallery will be opening a new exhibition, “The Perennial Gale” by Jonas Van den Bossche, Hannah Harkes, Rachel Kinbar and Kirill Tulin. The artists would like to invite you to have a cup of mulled wine or tea with them on 1 December from 16.00.
“The Perennial Gale” is a group exhibition about value, risk and deterioration. Four artists explore, from various angles, how value is assigned and how it changes — in relation both to risk and to the passage of time. Furthermore, they look at how these valuations are reflected in human behaviour. For the 10-day duration of the exhibition, objects deemed as potentially valuable as well as those deemed as waste are presented within the gallery in states of flux, drawing attention to their value, as well as to their durability and limited life-span.
In terms of consumerism, the process of valuation has changed dramatically during the last 150 years, with the rise of industrialisation, the restructuring of human labor, population shifts through immigration and urbanisation, and the resulting constant growth of capitalism. This has led to an economic system in which there is perpetual destruction and disposal of that which is replaced by simultaneous and constant production. Meanwhile, our relation to loss and to perishability has been affected over the last 50 years by the medicalisation of death and an increasing culture of death denial.
When we are aware that the lifespan of something we hold valuable is limited, there are numerous ways in which we may respond to this knowledge. The four artists – Jonas Van den Bossche, Hannah Harkes, Rachel Kinbar and Kirill Tulin – take a look at: creation and destruction; participation and control; waste and reuse; frequency and volume; maintenance and planned obsolescence; and the futile effort of protection.
The exhibition is supported by an online page featuring a few articles, as well as materials associated with the exhibition: www.theperennialgale.org
The exhibition will be open until 10 December.
Thank you:
Elize Hiiop, Terttu Uibopuu, Massimo Eli Grace, Carl and Anna Kinbar, Jaanika Arum, Villem Säre, Johannes Säre, Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus, Henri Hütt, Kirke Kangro, Siim Preiman, Anne Sigur, Ande Raud, Marko Bronzov, Svetlana Šepilenko, Giulia Landonio, Airi Triisberg, Eleriin Ello, Mari Prekup, Kaarel Künnap, Villem Jahu, Kaspar Aus, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Grafodroom, The New Left Review, Labora, Kumu Kunstimuuseum, Meistrite Hoovi Keraamikakoda

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Posted by Keiu Krikmann