Aksel Haagensen “The Truth Has Died. Will She live again?” at EKA Gallery 25.02-14.03.2015

Aksel Haagensen

Truth has died. Will she live again?

Readers of online news websites are lulled into a circular process of scrolling through an endless stream of press photos and headlines. In this mindless procession, photos such as those of the Arab-Israeli conflict or the war in Ukraine acquire the same level of importance as traffic jams in Moscow or the new range of products available at Stockmann. News websites such as Postimees, ERR, Jerusalem Post, BBC and so on, offer photos ranging from war zones to nature photography, politics to holiday ads, scientific research to pornography. Considering the huge amount of press photography, there is comparatively little doubt concerning their authenticity. Every headline and photo is vying to sell us its story – its version of the truth which is presented in a credible manner, making it hard to doubt.

Artist talk with Aksel Haagensen takes place on 4 March at 6.30 pm. The artist talk will be led by Eve Veigel and Karolina Vasser.

We would like to thank: Gilad Ratman, Gilad Ophir, Chen Shapira.

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Posted by Merilin Talumaa