“THE UNFINISHED CITY”: the TV series from the research project is now on ETV

This fall, all urban planning lovers can gather in front of the screens, because a 7-part TV series was produced based on the research project “The Unfinished City” of the Faculty of Architecture of EKA and can be watched every Thursday on ETV. All episodes can be rewatched on Jupiter. Each show focuses on one topic.

Part 1 “Urban space as a common living room” Part 2 “How to move from point A to point B?” Part 3 “What kind of city do we want?” Part 4 “Centres of urban life” Part 5 “Growth and Decline” Part 6 “Useful and profitable city” Part 7 “How to bring nature to the city?”

They get the floor, analyze the urban space problems and opportunities of Tallinn (and Tartu!) and discuss the possibilities of planning and building a good city: Johan Tali, Maria Derlõš, Toomas Tammis, Andres Sevtsuk, Kaja Pae, Villem Tomiste, Mihkel Tüür, Yoko Alender, Jaak-Adam Looveer, Siiri Vallner, Marek Rannala, Tõnis Arjus, Siim Tuksam, Kaidi Põldoja, Tõnis Savi, Toomas Paaver, Raido Roop, Triin Ojari, Mihkel Kaevats, Endrik Mänd, Madle Lippus, Lily Song, Andres Alver etc., with historical footage and materials the program series is provided by the Estonian Museum of Architecture.

The author of the series is Ene-Maris Tali, director Märten Vaher, editors Johan Tali, Ene-Maris Tali and Marika Kaasik, operators Madis Reimund and Meelis Kadastik, sound director Rein Fuks. Almost the entire core team of the “Unfinished City” research project contributed with the advice and strength of producer Ene-Maris Tali. The birth of the TV series was supported by the Estonian Science Agency and the Tallinn Strategy Center, as well as Kapitel, which stood steadfastly by the “Unfinished City” from the beginning.

The research project “Unfinished City”, which was the basis of the series, focused on Tallinn’s urban planning visions and spatial future scenarios for three years, and you can read more about it here.

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Posted by Tiina Tammet