“Vanalinn: pärand, elukeskkond, turism”

We all like to travel and visit historical cities, but at the same time, we also complain when the place we visit has become “too touristy.” In the case of Estonia’s most important tourist magnet, the old town of Tallinn, there are more and more reasons to ask what would be a reasonable balance between the historical city center as a cultural heritage, living environment, place to visit and all other uses of the city center. What could an old town be like, where it is good to live, work, spend free time and develop sustainable tourism? In the book, this question is examined by a heritage conservationist, an architect and sociologists, and through the latter also the residents of the old town and property owners.

Final report of the study “Sustainable development and exhibition of the Old Town of Tallinn”.

The book can be purchased from the library of the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Estonian Museum of Architecture, Apollo and the Library.

Authors: Triin Talk, Raul Kalvo, Katrin Paadam, Liis Ojamäe
Project manager: Riin Alatalu
Client: AS Tallinna Sadam

Editor: Pille Epner
Language editor: Kristel Ress
Translation into English: OÜ Päevakera
Designer: Kristo Kooskora

Supporters and partners: AS Tallinna Sadam, Estonian Cultural Capital, Tallinn city

192 pages, in Estonian, with an English summary
Estonian Academy of Arts, 2023

ISBN 978-9916-619-79-7

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Posted by Neeme Lopp