With the support of EAS a team of EKA students is developing a building system using straw panels

1+x team

In spring this year, EAS announced funding for engineering students. One of the selected projects was – “Development of a modular system 1+x, development of a technology module and investigation of the use of straw as a material”, created by architects from the EKA and an engineer from TalTech. 

The team’s focus is on sustainable design, which includes biogenic or ecological materials in the project, construction methods in the pattern system and self-sustainable building systems.

The team’s name 1+x is derived from the pattern system itself. Namely, an unknown number of spatial modules can grow around a single smart module to form a complete system. At the heart of the system is a smart module that controls the building’s systems, such as water, electricity and heating, and allows the building to operate self-sufficiently if necessary.

The model system can be thought of as a square sheet of paper – the grid can be filled in or reduced accordingly. By adjusting some of the constraints, the freedom is left to the architects’ own creativity. 

The residual agricultural product of straw plays a major role in this project. It is the basic material of the 1+x building, precisely because of its good acoustic, thermal insulation and fire safety properties. 

Over a period of 15 months, the team will carry out in-depth pre-design studies, prepare a preliminary design of the modular system that will be developed and create a configurator on a web-based platform for the rapid design of the buildings. 

It is worth keeping an eye on our activities on social media, as well as on www.1plussx.com or




The project is funded from the national budget through research and development funding.

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Posted by Anna Tommingas