Development of the Discipline of Technical Art History for the Analysis of Cultural Heritage in Estonia

Hilkka Hiiop in the television program "Püramiidi tipus: Tehniline kunstiajalugu". ETV 2012. Photo: ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

Technical art history is an interdisciplinary field of heritage studies combining methods from arts and sciences and uses contemporary information and communication technology (ICT) for acquiring, processing, archiving, contextualising and visualisation of data. This discipline is just emerging in Estonia and has a great potential. The aim of this project is to map, test and develop the capacity and resources in this field through the combination of technical and conventional art historical investigation as well as ICT resources. The final objective of the project is to develop a functioning network of different specialists and scientific institutions which provides the necessary knowhow and instruments for technical investigation for the field of cultural heritage both in Estonia and outside.

Principal investigator: Hilkka Hiiop

Research staff: Anneli Randla, PhD students Johanna Lamp, Andres Uueni (EAA); Signe Vahur, Riin Rebane (University of Tartu)

Duration: 2015−2020

Financed by Estonian Academy of Arts

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Posted by Kristina Jõekalda