Open lecture: Jo Van Den Berghe

Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture Public Guest Speaker Series

Quite a few well-known architects, theoreticians, critics and urbanists have given talks at this lecture series, to offer fresh perspectives on architecture, design, urban development and critical thought from around the globe. The lectures are open to all students and professionals in the fields of architecture, urbanism and other spatial studies, as well as to the broader circle of those interested in the future of our living environment. The lectures are in English and they are free of charge.
05.02 Jo Van Den Berghe_KU Leuven / LUCA (BE)
Jo Van Den Berghe is a Belgian architect with a PhD in design practice research from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Design in Australia. His dissertation “Theatre of Operations, or: Construction Site as Architectural Design” (2012) builds on the Concept of Section and emphasises the scale model as a primary tool at designer’s hands. Van Den Berghe’s practice draws from basic themes of thickness, substance, depth and darkness.
He has been teaching experimental architectural design and construction practice at the LUCA architecture school of KU Leuven (formerly Sint-Lucas School of Architecture) in Ghent and Brussels since 1995, taken part in international exhibitions since 1993, and been a captivating storyteller – evidenced by his writings and lectures – probably since his birth in 1961.
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