Specialty project: Small building, 2020 / KOOS

Installatsioon KOOS Valgas, sügis 2020. Foto: Päär Keedus
In the last two weeks of August 2020, the first-year interior design students of EKA worked in the twin city of Valga-Valka, erecting a pavilion KOOS along the Pedeli dam lake. The pavilion is an airy and fragile object with a network structure. TOGETHER is a space and wood experiment, the completion of which gave students a good opportunity to experiment with where the bending and breaking of the material ends and how to create a new space with a minimum amount of material. The twin town is added to the vibrations of the summer town by a reflective and eye-catching installation on the lake surface. The Department of Interior Architecture edited the European Network of Architecture Students in Valga at the invitation of EASA Estonia and with the support of the European Union Regional Development Fund, the completion of which was supported by Cramo, Osmo and Raitwood. Concept and implementation 1st year of the Department of Interior Architecture of EAA in 2019: Anna Aleksejeva, Triin Kampus, Alvin Kanarbik, Anni Kõrvemaa, Kätlin-Karin Lond, Anet Lukas, Marit-Brit Tamme, Laura Maria Tõru, Viktoria Ugur, Maria Uiboaid, Eliisabet Valmas. The pavilion TOGETHER was supervised by b210 architects: Aet Ader and Arvi Anderson; consulted Avo Tragel and Päär-Joonap Keedus; Tarmo Tammekivi led the construction work on the site and Peter Stumbur added the engineer’s point of view. Attention all visitors: the object is not suitable for hanging and climbing. Photos: Päär Keedus
Installatsioon KOOS Valgas, Päär Keeduse fotod.
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