Estonian Academy of Arts Grad Show TASE’21 film programme
11.06 6 PM
Põhja pst 7
TASE FILM is a traditional event, which offers a programme full of different videos and short films made by students of EKA. The programme lasts about one and a half hour and is taking place in EKA auditorium (A101).
During the global pandemic, many people started to take interest in completely new fields like food and cooking. Many of us started to experiment in the kitchen and buy a lot of new things whether we needed or did not need them. People living in urbanized areas had more time to spend in nature, outside of the city. Waiting for life to get normal again also raised many questions about the time as an abstract phenomenon, the movement and disappearance of it, memory and oblivion.
Therefore this years TASE film programme is about searching direct and indirect connections with different subjects that started to come forward during the quarantine. Many of the short films and videos are not made as authors personal experiences or thoughts about pandemic era. However the programme in general will place its focus to subjects that came up mostly while staying in home but also outside that.
Film programme curator: Ketlin Käpp
Film programme participants: Kadi Sink, Urmet Piiling, Gert Rasmus Rannamets, Erik Risto Merisalu, Marto Mägi, Silvia Minali, Johannes Luik, Mattias Jürgen Veller, Saara Kuum, Jaan Pavliuk, Gerda Hansen, Eliisabet Kuslap, Liisamari Viik, Viktoria Martjanova, Karl-Christoph Rebane, Karola Ainsar, Anita Kremm, Mirjam Varik, Laura De Jaeger, Kadri Räis, Nora Schmelter
For safety purposes, there is 50% of maximum capacity allowed in the auditorium.
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Posted by Pire Sova