“The City Composing” is a project that gives the chance to everybody to be a musical composer for one day.

People will have the possibility to write their ideas and listen to the creation afterwards in a concert where professional musicians will preform these non-professional scores. This is a great chance to seek the musical creativity of people about what they want to express and how they can write it down.

During 10 days there will be in different places around the city music notebooks where everybody can write and draw music or text. After this material will be collected and rearranged by a professional musician that will create the concert score and work on it with the performers.
The finality is to create connection between composers, performers and the audience, involving normal people in the musical process creation.

During the beginning of December the collection of scores and in the beginning of January the concert.

Hara Alonso will be the composer that does the rearrangement of the scores, writing parts for the musicians and composing a connection between the different ideas in the notebooks.

The performers will be students from International European Union Master CoPeCo (Contemporary Performance and Composition: www.copeco.net) that are one semester in different cities during two years, starting from Tallinn this Autumn, Stockholm, Lyon and finally Hamburg.