The Estonian Academy of Arts fills its future building with fresh works and world-changing ideas from young architects, artists, and designers

From 2 — 16 June the Estonian Academy of Arts will present works from this year’s Master students at its annual Graduation Works Festival called TASE ’16 (LEVEL ’16) at the Rauaniidi building, Kotzebue 1/ Põhja pst 7 in Tallinn.

Four floors and several hundred square metres of space will be filled with creative ideas from about thirty different specialties – architectural, design and art projects and objects, which are the result of two years of research and analysis.

Among those we’ll see experimental construction materials made from used coffee grounds, field training facilities for the Estonian military, a project to upgrade the Rummu prison territory into a public space, ideas on how to radically reduce the manic consumerism of the fashion industry and a conceptual work about art circulation in the digitalized world and its impact on the relationship between the original and the copy.

“As every spring, this year also sprouts new architects, artists, designers, and scholars from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Even though, the focal points of the works from specialty to specialty vary, we can see a clear intention to deal with current issues and address them with the tools native to creative people,” says TASE ’16 main organizer, EAA Gallerist Keiu Krikmann and adds:

“The exhibition site itself deserves to be brought to attention as well. TASE also took place in the future art academy building last year and during the interim period, the building has become familiar to the students. It is a historic space, which offers opportunities to present graduation works in a totally unique atmosphere and thus many works will be site-specific.”

In addition to the Master’s Show, the TASE festival will offer a rich satellite programme of student exhibitions and events in the wide spectrum of visual culture.

For the second time, TASE FILM will occur on the screen of Kino Sõprus on 9th June where the best and freshest student films will be shown.

TASE is happy to collaborate with the Association of Estonian Interior Architects in organizing the 3rd International lnterior Architecture Symposium SISU “Welcome Stranger!”, which will focus on the pressing issue of nomadism and its impact on space. SISU will present speakers from the world over, including our own graduates, students, and professors.

TASE – The Traditional Advanced Symbolic Experience is here!

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TASE Satellite Programme

The 3rd Interior Architecture Symposium SISU “Welcome Stranger!”



Lai 47, Tallinn

The 3rd Interior Architecture Symposium SISU titled “Welcome Stranger!” will take place on 1.-3. June in Tallinn, Estonia. This year’s focus is on a pressing global issue – nomadism – and the impact of human movement on space.

A mobile lifestyle has become the norm in the contemporary world, though people change place from country to country or from urban to rural areas for very different reasons – be it economic crisis, education or employment mobility, war or natural catastrophe, the need for adventure or widening one’s perspective. This movement presents interior architects and environmental designers with new challenges for shaping space.

SISU is a FREE event, but registration is required

Programme and registration:


5.06 at 15.00

13.06 at 16.30

Tour Guide: Triinu Soikmets


Individual portfolio reviews for the students of Estonian Academy of Arts.

4.–5.06, 10.00–17.00

Kotzebue 1/ Põhja pst 7, Tallinn

3rd floor Great Hall

Prior booking required, which is possible from 23rd of May onwards. It is necessary to register with a digital portfolio or a web page. Final list of participants is confirmed by jury of EAA’s lecturers.

Reviews are held in English.


Mathijs van Geest, Bergen

Kristina Ketola Bore, Oslo

Jacob Jessen, Copenhagen/Tallinn

Suvi Saloniemi, Helsinki

Caspar Stracke, Helsinki

Pierre Courtin, Sarajevo

Kai Lobajakas, Tallinn

Contact: Laura Toots /


9.06, 18.00

Kino Sõprus

Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn

Curator: Madli Ehasalu

Ticket: 2€

On 9.06 the cinema Sõprus will be screening films by students of the Estonian Academy of Arts – an hour and a half of artistic cinema to please your senses. Only the best experimental video art and animation will be shown!


10.06, 17.00

Kotzebue 1/ Põhja pst 7, Tallinn

Nicola Trezzi is the head of the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and Flash Art International’s contributing editor.


Faculty of Design: 6.06–8.06, 10.00

Faculty of Design: 6.06–7.06, 10.00

Additional information:


Marta Stratskas “Possible”

Graduation exhibition of painting student Marta Stratskas


Vaal gallery

Tartu mnt 80d, Tallinn

Rita Assor “Lugemispesa-mänguala Tallinna Rännaku lasteaiale” / “A Reading Nest – Play Area for Tallinn Rännaku Kindergarten”

Graduation exhibition of textile design student Rita Assor


The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre

Pikk 73, Tallinn

Rita Assor will defend her thesis on 7.06, 13.00 at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre

Maria Tamm “Anum” / “Vessel”

Graduation exhibition of glass art student Maria Tamm


HOP Galerii

Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

Igor Filiushin “Statifacts: Signs Of A Forgotten Civilization”

Graduation exhibition of ceramics student Igor Filiushin


Tallinn Central Library, Estonia pst. 8

Igor Filiushin will defend his thesis on 8.06 at the Tallinn Central Library

Mari Masso “Mükoloogilised kübarad” / “Mycological Hats”

Graduation exhibition of leather art student Mari Masso

Art Priori

Olevimägi 7, Tallinn

GD’16 – Graduation show of the graphic design department’s BA students

EAA Gallery

Vabaduse väljak 6/8 (inner courtyard), Tallinn

Participating designers: Laura Herma, Johann Kabonen, Maria Kesküla, Henri Kutsar, Else Mare Lagerspetz, Henno Luts, Maria Muuk, Harles Neljand, Andree Paat, Maren Poel, Juuso Veikko Siltanen, Anne Loore Sundja, Aimur Takk ja Iida Kaisa Urm.

“Surilina” / “The Shroud”

Exhibition by graphic art and textile design students

Curator: Eve Kask


Estonian Health Care Museum

Lai 30, Tallinn

Participating artists: Diana Ambos, Margus Haljaste, Katre Helen Kaasik, Marielle Palmiste, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Irma Isabella Raabe, Jana Roopa, Svetlana Todurova, Sandra Vaupotič.

Supervisors: Eve Kask and Siim Preiman


Exhibition by fashion stylistics students of the Open Academy of the EAA


Tallinn Creative Hub

Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn

Participating artists: Anastassija Levina, Aili Sture, Anne-Mai Saveljev, Mariana Vornikoglo, Marleen Pärn, Kaidi Liiv, Renata Lensment, Sirje Laansoo ja Veeli Oeselg.

Supervisors: Mait Mäekivi ja Vilve Unt.



The first ever Tallinn Art Week will take place in June 2016. TAW is a week filled with fresh Estonian art with a program that features numerous art events, many of which are taking place outside conventional art spaces like galleries and museums.

Additional information: