The Interior Architecture student megaphones echo all around the world

The Estonian Academy of Arts’ interior architecture student installation of megaphones in the Võrumaa forest trails have gained unbeknownst international media interest. The unique forest furniture has been shown and spoken of in the renowned architecture magazines such as Arcdaily, World Architecture and web media, but also in the mainstream press such as Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Design Boom, Independent, Wired, Metro, Monocle, Sydney Morning Herald et al. On top of that, it has been featured in Korea, France, Portugal, Australia, Germany, and Sweden.
The kingsize megaphone story was mediated to the foreign press by the communications team Pluk, headed by a graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts art history graduate Triin Männik.

You may read about the project here and see the list of media coverage here.