Unworldly forms at the Tallinn TV Tower

On 10 May, experimental forms designed by students in the fashion design speciality will appear at “sky level” at the Tallinn TV Tower. They took shape in a course supervised by fashion designer Liisi Eesmaa from materials supplied by the company Pipelife. In a post-apocalyptic exhibition called “Unworldly”, experimental materials meet dark fantasies, bellicose forms, cyberpunk and a yearning for outer space and eternal life.

Twelve fashion students and two intensive weeks in twisting hundreds of metres of plastic pipes and waste in a school building, and robust and obstinate starting materials underwent a metamorphosis into a streamlined and utopian fashion creation that pushes the envelope and reshapes standards. Liisi Eesmaa’s course is a continuation of the Department of Fashion Design’s series of experiments with form. Previous courses supervised by Marit Ilison experimented with wood, paper, recycled textile and other materials. “Unworldly” is already the second exhibition of experimental fashion design forms at the Tallinn TV Tower.



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Posted by Anu Ojavee

Fashion Design