WILD TALKS series launches 2nd season with architect & environmental artist Marco Casagrande from Finland

Thursday 9th of February 4 pm will mark the return of the WILD TALKS series of the interior architecture department. Everyone is warmly welcome to listen to architect and environmental artist Marco Casagrande, the director of Casagrande Laboratory – an internationally operating, multidisciplinary architecture and innovation company based in Helsinki Finland. Marco works with architectural, environmental, urban, social, research and educational projects generating new knowledge building on the field of built human environment – human nature as part of nature.His Urban Acupuncture theory combines urban planning with traditional Chinese medical theory of acupuncture, and this is what he will focus on in Tallinn.

“Urban acupuncture is an architectural manipulation of the collective sensory intelligence. The city is a multi-dimensional organism with sensitive energies, a living natural environment whose points of contact – the energy flows beneath the visual city – are sought out by urban acupuncture. Both architecture and environmental art are in a position to produce the needles. A weed which plants its roots in the smallest crack in the asphalt can eventually ruin the city. Urban acupuncture is the weed and the acupuncture point is the crack. The ruin, a man-made process, returns to being part of nature.” – Marco Casagrande

The speakers of the WILD TALKs series could be characterised by two main threads of action. Some of them have created as much havoc as an elk would, wandering into a city, just by ignoring general customs and habits. Others have unearthed things about life by closely studying the periphery. Summing this up, we believe that these speakers have the potential to spark inspiration in not only interior architecture students, but anyone with any relationship to space around them.

Our friends from Hi Matcha will also be present serving their green tee which is rich from natural energy. The event takes place with much appreciated support from the Finnish Institute and Estonian Cultural Endowment.

All WILD TALKs will be in English
More about the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1215751161854682/

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Posted by Triin Männik