ETNO summer camp

Second year for fashion students is starting with a traditional summer camp with Anu Raud at Heimtal Museum. Students will have five days of being immersed in ETNO themes while staying in old village houses and exploring Anu Raud’s collections. Traditional items by the drawerful and cabinetful, the excitement of discovery, legendary storytelling evenings hosted by Anu, days of sun and wholesome farm food, picturesque views and petting the dog. All this will be doled out generously to kick off the autumn semester.

In the last two years, we have focused on looking for connections between light and ethnography. Last year, various facets of patterns revealed by light and realised as pühalike lampkleitidena, were in the focus, with the focus this time being on the patterns’ own capacity for radiating light. An allée of balls of hay appeared on the field, which in the dim late-night light aesthetically brightened the way for those walking down a lonely village road, making up a narrative conveyed in an archaic semiotic system. Supervisor of the practice in the speciality: Piret Puppart.

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Posted by Anu Ojavee

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