Experimental forms in the KUMU Art Museum

The experimental form exhibition ”Pulss” (Pulse) is exhibited in the pedestrian tunnel of KUMU Art Museum May 20 – June 20, 2017.

The core of the exhibition is the play of experimental forms and non-traditional materials in a utopian and fantasy way. The source of the exhibit is red carpet that is known from fashion shows and gala’s.

Experimental forms were completed in the master class under the supervison of the fashion designer Liisi Eesmaa. Feeling the borders of the material and red color and also blood circulation created a new and never ending reality. This kind of exhibition format is a first timer in KUMU Art Museum.

The Marit Illison and Liisi Eesmaa courses have already become a tradition. The forms of previous years were born from plastic pipes, plywood and paper as well as old posters, proving that creative ideas have the vitality to grow on the most unusual ground.

Creative leader and stylist of the exhibition: Liisi Eesmaa

Designers: Kristin Sigus, Emma Leoni, Edvard Hiietam, Külli-Triin Laanet, Karita Kärmet, Hannes Rüütel, Kreet Kärner, Nele Kurvits, Beatrice Randkivi, Lotte Raisch, Andreas Kübar

Photos: Riina Varol

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Posted by Anu Ojavee

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