“Image or Sign: A Phenomenological Study of Pictorial Representation” (MOBJD, 2017–2020)

The aim of my project is to defend the originality of Edmund Husserl’s phenomenological account of pictorial representation and to undermine the semiotic reading of it. Contrary to the widely held view that Husserl’s concept of “image” is an insufficiently developed concept of “sign”, I will defend the thesis that Husserl provides a clear distinction between the two concepts and that the concept of “image” has, in fact, priority over the concept of “sign” in his theory of pictorial representation. I will show that, in Husserl’s philosophy, there is a clear distinction between the image consciousness and symbol consciousness, and between the imaging and symbolic function of pictures. The results of my project will be published in international peer-reviewed journals and disseminated through teaching and conference presentations.

Principal investigator: Regina-Nino Mion

Supervisor: Virve Sarapik

Duration: 2017–2019

Project type: Mobilitas Pluss Postdoctoral Researcher Grant (MOBJD203)

Financed by the Estonian Research Council

See in the Estonian Research Information System

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Posted by Kristina Jõekalda