Specialty project: Small building, 2019 / RÜHT

Shelters "RÜHT" at Noku campfire site, photo: Renee Altrov

RÜHT is a multi-purpose shelter that offers a spot to hide from the wind and the rain or snow, find cover for an ascetic night in the woods or provides a picnic area for daytime hikes and chance to a pleasantly stretch for those on a longer hike. RÜHT was inspired by a fallen tree, the length of which provided an excellent chance to rest your back, and from which the view of the sky offered a glimpse of the clouds. RÜHT is a modular lava: several of them together can be combined into a suitable ensemble for any camping site.

RÜHT was developed within the framework of the annual special project “Small Building” of the first-year students of the Department of Interior Architecture of EAA, which dealt with Estonian forest hiking infrastructure for five years in a row, trying to build shelters, observation towers and other hiking / nature observation infrastructure that would meet the needs of users while being also inspiring examples of contemporary spatial design.

Previously, the recreation object SILD in Aegviidu, the observation tower TREPP Tuhus, the observation tower VARI in Emajõgi Suursoo, the floating sauna VALA in Soomaa and the forest megaphones RUUP in Pähni have been completed in cooperation between RMK, the Department of Interior Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the architecture bureau b210.

Concept and implementation 1st year of the Department of Interior Architecture of EAA in 2019:

Germo Ausin, Silvia Ingver, Sanna-Betty Jaanimaa, Marie Jõgi, Regina Kaasik, Ann-Katriin Kelder, Elin Kenzie Kornav, Kertu Kuusemets, Katerina Laansoo, Kristiina Püü, Celine-Cathy Raaga, Hannele Saagpakk, Grete-Loviis Saar, Loviise Talvaru , Linda-Maria Urke, Mirell Ülle.

Supervisors: Aet Ader, Mari Hunt, Kadri Klementi, Karin Tõugu (b210 architects)

Consultants: Avo Tragel, Päär-Joonap Keedus

Engineer: Peter Stumbur

Partner: RMK

Photos: Renee Altrov, June 2020

Shelter "RÜHT" at Noku campsite, photos by Renee Altrov
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