Erasmus+ Programme

Application round for ERASMUS+ exchange studies and traineeships done in the spring semester 22/23 will be held in September 2022. 

Applications for ERASMUS+ traineeships are accepted on an ongoing basis. In case of interest, please contact the International Office by calling +372 626 7388 or via email

See the application information below.

Erasmus+ mobiltity general rules

  • Erasmus+ programme covers official EU countries + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, North Macedonia, Serbia and the United Kingdom*.

*Due to Brexit mobilities to the United Kingdom are possible until 31.05.2023.

  • ERASMUS + programme enables to participate on every study level max 12 months (studies + training + recent graduate training).
  • Student will receive scholarship according to monthly rate which differs depending on the mobility type (exchange studies/traineeship). Click here to see the rates.
  • Students may apply for additional funding from state and private funds, but in case you receive another scholarship from EU, then you cannot receive Erasmus funding anymore (the agreement will be with „0“ grant).
  • Studying at the partner university as a nominated exchange student from EKA is free of charge
  • Students can go on Erasmus even during their academic leave (if taken at your own request) or extension.
  • If you are a fee-paying student, then you still need to pay the tuition fee during the semester abroad (unless you are on an academic leave)
  • Students with disadvantage background (receiving needs-based study allowance, taking care of children underaged or having reduced working capacity) can receive extra support from Erasmus. The respective certificate must be sumbitted before grant agreements are composed.
  • Students with special needs may apply for additional funding.
    Contact international office:
  • Student are eligible for Erasmus+ grant only in case the Academic Affair Office and student’s speciality department are supporting it. This means student can not have any debts when it comes to study fees or study results.

Erasmus+ exchange studies

  • Period 1 or 2 semesters, minimum 2 months (60 days)
  • You may go for exchange studies several times, however, during one study level you can have Erasmus+ scholarship for max 12 months.
  • First you have to submit application for Erasmus+ scholarship to EKA committee; after receiving approval, you can apply to the partner university.
  • Erasmus+ study results of your exchange period have to be transferred and appear on your EKA diploma supplement.

Erasmus+ traineeship / recent graduate traineeship

  • Erasmus+ training period is 2- 12 months
  • Scholarship can be used for training as part of the studies and within 12 months after graduation. Please note that you have to apply for recent graduate traineeship during your last semester.
  • Applications for Erasmus+ traineeships in the current semester are accepted on a ongoing basis. Please contact the International Office for more information.
  • Students will have to find the training host organisation themselves.
  • It’s compulsory to have health and accident insurance coverage. The student is responsible for buying it before starting the internship period.

Application procedure 2022/2023

Application round for exchange studies in spring semester 22/23 will take place in September 2022.

In case of interest in Erasmus+ traineeship, please contact the International Office separately.

  • Fill in the online application form and choose your exchange options from the list of partner universities
  • Submit the application by deadline.
  • Add your motivation letter and portfolio as a web link to the online application form (use google docs for sharing your files, for example). The links must be available for everyone who is part of the decision committee.
  • In case of exchange studies, you may choose up to 3 different partner universities (list them according to your preference)
  • All applications have to be approved by the Academic Affairs Office and also by the specialty department (the International Office will ask the confirmation)
  • In case the number of submitted applications exceeds available places, the decision will be made by the scholarship committee. The committee will take into account the portfolio and motivation letter, preference is given for older year students.
  • After the International Office has confirmed receiving the scholarship and your choice of partner university (-ies), you should prepare your exchange application according to the partner university requirements.
  • Application can be submitted to partner university only after the International Office has nominated you.
  • The student is personally responsible for sending the exchange application to partner university by the deadline.

Partner universities

Partner universities 2022/2023
(the list will updated prior to the new call)

Partner universities are on 3 separate sheets in the table: Erasmus+ EU partners, partner universities in Switzerland and worldwide partners.

  • EKA has funding for exchange studies in EU partner institutions.
  • Switzerland offers scholarship for incoming students itself
  • For exchange studies outside of Europe, we currently have only 2 grants available for mobilities in Israel.

You may sort the partners list according to your faculty and study level. Please turn to you speciality department to receive suggestions on which universities to select.

NB! Erasmus+ mobilities in the UK are possible until 31.05.2023.

Erasmus + mobility: language preparation

Online language test is compulsory before mobility, unless your exchange studies or traineeship is carried out in your native language. The second test, after mobility, is voluntary.

There might be a possibility to get a voucher for online language course. This is in the case when student’s language is below the level requested by the host institution.

The language test result does not affect your possibilities of getting accepted by the partner school (the test will be taken after you have been accepted by the host institution).

Study information for students going abroad

Erasmus+ mobilities can be done during nominal study time, incl. extension and academic leace (taken at your own request). Recent graduate traineeships only in the course of 12 months after graduation.

Students are eligible for extension of nominal study time according to number of semesters spent abroad (1-2) if meeting the following conditions:

  • Exchange studies/traineeship has taken place during your nominal time
  • You have transferred minimum 15 ECTS.
  • Please turn to your faculty’s study coordinator for detailed explanation about the credit transfer.

If mobility is done while being on an extension, no more extension is given.

Students, who pay tuition fee at EKA, must continue doing it while being on Erasmus.

Students can take part of the Erasmus+ programme, only upon speciality department’s and Academic Affair Office’s approval. This means student can not have any debts in study results or paying study fees.

Read more about the Erasmus+ programme from the European Commission’s website HERE

Also, please see the ERASMUS+ student  charter, which is also an annex for the grant agreements signed with students going on Erasmus.


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