Erasmus+ Programmme

Erasmus+ programme covers EU + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia.

ERASMUS + mobility general rules:

• ERASMUS + programme enables to participate on every study level max 12 months (studies + training + recent graduate training).

• The student will receive scholarship according to monthly rate which are different for exchange studies. Click here to see the rates.

• The student may apply for additional funding from state and private funds, but in case you receive another scholarship from EU, then you cannot receive Erasmus funding anymore (the agreement will be with „0“ grant).

• Students with special needs may apply for additional funding.
Contact international office:

List of partner universities will be updated and added here due February 1st 2020. You may see the last year’s partners list here.



  • Period 1 or 2 semesters, minimum 3 months (90 days)
  • You may go for exchange studies several times, however, during one study level you can have Erasmus+ scholarship for max 12 months.
  • First you have to submit application for Erasmus+ scholarship to EKA committee; after receiving approval, you can apply to the partner university.
  • Erasmus+ study results of your exchange period have to be transferred and appear on your EKA diploma supplement.


ERASMUS+ TRAINEESHIP: for student and for recent graduate

  • Erasmus+ training period is 2- 12 months
  • Scholarship can be used for training as part of the studies and within 12 months after graduation. Please note that you have to apply for recent graduate traineeship during your last semester.
  • Students will have to find the training host organisation themselves.
  • Even if you don’t have the final confirmation from host organisation, you can still apply for the grant.
  • It’s compulsory to have health and accident insurance coverage. The student is responsible for buying it before starting the internship period.


Erasmus + mobility: language preparation

• Language tests tests are compulsory before and after mobility.

• There might be a possibility to get a voucher for online language course of these above mentioned languages. This is in the case when student’s language is below the level requested by the host institution.

• The language test result does not affect your possibilities of getting accepted by the partner school (the test will be taken after you have been accepted by the host institution).

Study information for students going abroad

  • Students can have extension of nominal study time according to number of semesters spent abroad (1-2) in case you have stayed abroad at least 3 months and transferred minimum 15 ECTS.
  • Please turn to your faculty’s study coordinator for detailed explanation about the credit transfer.

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