Wear-Arts cooperation project with Tallinn Dolls company

The clothing collection “The Art Club”, presented at Defitsiit fashion centre on 15 March 2017, evoked youth, art and freedom. In the Wear-Arts collection, which fuses fashion and the art world, clothing fashion met the works of Estonian artists who inspired the students (Jüri Arrak, Maarit Murka, Leonhard Lapin and others).

The core idea of the fashion collection was to bring art closer to people and promote the use of artists’ copyrights in fashion design. The supervisors were Marit Ahven, Agne Talu-Vürmer and Margarita Teeääre.

”Fashion is like a canvas that brings art closer to people’s consciousness and carries it forward,” said Wear-Arts creator Mari Martin, adding that she was especially surprised at the high-quality and modern manner in which young fashion designers interpreted the art perspective. After the TFW opening show, the collection was placed on sale on the innovative fashion platform www.pre-o-porter.com

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Posted by Anu Ojavee

Fashion Design