WILD TALKs 2: The Space Lady

This Friday, 11 March at 4 pm interior architecture department’s WILD TALKs returns with The Space Lady, who will be giving her very first public talk ever.

The Space Lady started her street music career in 1970s on the streets of Boston and San Francisco, wearing a silver helmet with white wings and accompanying her mostly cover-based repertoire on a Casiotone electronic keyboard. Most of the rest of the world started to hear more about The Space Lady in the beginning of 2000s when her music was released as part of several outsider music albums.

On Friday and for the WILD TALKs, The Space Lady has promised to talk about veganism, animal rights, forgiveness and saving the world. Also participating will be The Space Manager Eric Schneider, Space Lady’ husband.
The speakers of the WILD TALKs series could be characterised by two main threads of action. Some of them have created as much havoc as an elk would, wandering into a city, just by ignoring general customs and habits. Others have unearthed things about life by closely studying the periphery. Summing this up, we believe that these speakers have the potential to spark inspiration in not only interior architecture students, but anyone with any relationship to space around them.

The drinks section of WILD TALKs will this time be run by tea experts from St Petersburg, Russia.

All WILD TALKs will be in English.

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Posted by Triin Männik