“Remembering Difficult Knowledge in the Baltic Visual Culture” (MOBJD, 2019–2021)

This research program focuses on how difficult knowledge has been transmitted in the visual culture of the Baltic States, in works of visual art, documentary films and exhibitions about the Second World War and its aftermath. The analysis focuses on visual culture since the year 2000 and seeks to understand what happens with past violence and how it is transmitted through generations in the Baltic context. The PI of the research program, Margaret Tali will use case studies as her main method, ethnographic material will be gathered from the three Baltic States. Its results will be presented in 2 academic articles, 3 magazine articles and 3 conference presentations. Also a thematic doctoral seminar will be held at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The research program contributes to current debates in the fields of visual culture, museology and trauma studies.

Principal investigator: Margaret Tali

Supervisor: Virve Sarapik

Duration: 2019–2021

Project type: Mobilitas Pluss Postdoctoral Researcher Grant (MOBJD570)

Financed by the Estonian Research Council

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Posted by Kristina Jõekalda